1. What is WTH Biking Club?
WTH Biking Club is a bike club founded to foster cycling and introduce people to a healthy lifestyle, as well as provide exotic venues primarily in the Himalayan regions for riders of all levels.

2. How do I become a member?
It’s easy. Just be a part of one of our rides.

3. What are the member benefits when I join?
We like to think that the main benefit is riding in a group and enjoying the fellowship of other riders during a ride and other social activities. Other benefits include:

  • Regular guided rides organised by the Club
  • Opportunities to ride and explore new places
  • WTH Sipper and Tee-shirt
  • Enjoy fantastic discounts on biking trips in and around Mumbai
  • The goodies are not over yet. You also get exciting discounts on your stay at Walk to Himalayas’ properties.
  • Enjoy the stardom of featuring on WTH Biking Challenge website.

4. Do I have to join the Club in order to participate in a group ride?
Ideally yes. As a club member, you would be informed about the various rides that are conducted by WTH Biking Challenge.

5. Are the Club’s rides social or competitive?
Most of our rides are social rides; but few of our events are competitive type rides. For many of us, our primary goals are to improve our conditioning & fitness, increase average speed or cadence, increase distance, or improve climbing ability.

6. What kind of bike should I use on Club rides?
The vast majority of our riders have (Mountain Terrin Bikes) MTBs, which are best for the type riding we do. But a few people ride hybrids. If you need advice on buying a bike, just ask a few club members for their opinions. They will gladly share their knowledge and expertise with you.

7. Do I need a bicycle helmet?
Yes! No exceptions!

8. Are headphones permitted on a ride?
No. WTH Biking Club does not permit the use of any headphones during a group ride. The use of headphones will not allow you to hear approaching traffic, other riders who are trying to communicate with you about their intentions or road hazards or the beautiful nature sounds in our hilly trails. Using headphones is dangerous for you and the riders around you.

9. Does the Club have women cyclists?
Yes, we have women in the club. Most rides have a majority of men, but I am sure someday this ratio will reverse.

10. Who is the Ride Captain?
The Ride Captain has overall responsibility for Club rides; they schedule rides, get Ride Leaders, and put rides on our website with pertinent info. about the ride to notify members of upcoming rides. The Ride Captain (and Ride Leader’s roles, described below) are critically important as without them, there are no rides.

11. Who are Ride Leaders and what are their roles?
Ride Leaders are Club members who volunteer to lead a ride and perform certain functions. It does not literally mean that they “lead” the ride with other members behind them. They coordinate rides with the Ride Captain, often establishing a given ride and prepare cue sheets. Ride Leaders get everyone signed in at the start and may address the group prior to departure with information that riders may need to know.

12. Do I need to prep my bike before riding?
Yes. Make sure it is in good shape with no mechanical issues that might lead to a breakdown. If it’s an old or little used bike, take it to a bike shop to get it inspected and serviced. Replace parts like tires, chains, brake pads, or anything that needs to be replaced to help ensure your safety and the reliability of your bike. Also, know that tires leak air over time, so ensure that you pump up your tires just before leaving from home or at the ride. Know the maximum inflation pressure that is printed on your tire’s sidewall and don’t exceed it. You will notice most club members pumping up their tires just before starting a ride to get tire pressure “just right” for them.

13. What should I wear?
Highly recommended are cycling specific clothing and shoes. Yes, you can ride in gym shorts and tennis shoes, but cycling specific clothing and shoes make cycling much more comfortable and efficient. Bike shorts have a built in chamois that makes a bicycle seat more comfortable. They offer a degree of compression that helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue. And moisture wicking fabrics in shorts and jerseys help you feel cooler than wearing cotton. Cycling gloves also make riding more comfortable and helps prevent injury in a fall. Cycling shoes improve your efficiency and power, allowing you to ride further and faster.

14. Am I going to have fun riding with WTH Biking Challenge?

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