Introduction to Walk to Himalayas


We would first like to thank you for taking time out to know us better.
WTH Biking Challenge is a motivated, established, full-spectrum team that supports cycling in the community not only as a means of transportation, but also as a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in your brand and would be enthusiastic about representing your business.

Our Journey so far…

Walk to Himalayas (WTH) is a Mumbai based professional, full-service travel company with a keen interest in promoting biking in Uttakhand. With more than eight years of exploration behind us, we specialise in leisure and adventure travel, viz., trekking, camping, mountain biking etc. A resolute commitment for quality is at the core of our DNA.

We offer a wide variety of successful itineraries that are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of each client. Our vast network of experts and partners across India help us in crafting our itineraries to create unique and exciting opportunities for our clients. Our itineraries allow us the flexibility to take advantage of spontaneous events while still providing full and structured days. We offer quality expeditions and are proficient in delivering innovative, safe, and fun expeditions.

The 2014 Winter Event was the first milestone of WTH Biking Challenge timeline which was presented by the parent company, Walk to Himalayas. In addition to promoting mountain biking in Uttarakhand, WTH Biking Challenge was created under the same premise of many new businesses; we thought we could do it better.

Since we hosted our first Mountain Biking Expedition in 2014, WTH Biking Challenge has amassed popularity and accolades. It is the benchmark event for atmosphere, innovation and organisation.
It’s for the winners.

It’s been highly eventful since the inception. With our own property, Kosi Valley Retreat in the Kumaon belt of Uttarakhand which is the official launch pad for all biking events in that region; to obtaining 15 high-end Scott Bikes; to conceptualizing and organizing some exotic natural mountain biking rides.

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