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Building fun trails is one thing. Building, managing and maintaining a quality mountain bike experience is another. We are positioned to do the latter with solid commitment, expert consultation, and an eye for detail. Our mountain biking trips are a carefully organized symphony of details with that goal in mind; some details are small and barely noticeable while others are in plain sight, right under your tires. Our mountain bike trips are unparalleled, melding the very best singletrack with unique cultural experiences, flavor of local cuisine and accommodation in a well-organized small-group adventure lead by professional guides. We focus our energy towards creating the ultimate ride – whether for road, track, or trail, professional athlete, or weekend warrior. Our riding roots run deep and our passion to innovate and deliver adventure is evident at every turn.

cropped Growing up in Uttarakhand, Siddhartha has a great affinity for the outdoors and enjoys rock climbing, trekking, camping all over the Himalayas. Then in summer 2010, he got introduced to Mountain Biking which slowly grew into a monstrous pursuit. It was expected to fizzle out as a fad in some months but just kept swelling into a fascination which culminated to bringing WTH Biking Challenge to reality.
As an avid cyclist, Siddhartha has been pedaling around in many parts of Kumaon region in the Himalayan belt where his roots are and also in and around Mumbai where he is primarily located.
He is the brain and brawn behind designing the rides and the test of bike handling manhood comes straight from his twisted mind.
A juggler between multiple tasks, Sid as he is popularly known, is always high-spirited. A sheer go-getter, he is always driven to make his dreams real. ‘Things don’t happen; things are made to happen’ is the mantra of his life. An entrepreneur at heart, impulsive by nature and loves to meet people defines Sid. An ardent fan of Bruce Lee and Rahul Dravid, Sid is a sports lover.

Kilan Shetty
kilan_cropped Stylish, smooth, suave that’s Kilan for you. He has the drive to get things done. Kilan and his alter ego “Obsessed Perfectionist” are the doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the WTH Biking Team. Seemingly mild mannered, Kilan turns into a fanatical perfectionist when behind the camera or when placed behind the handlebars of his MTB.
Kilan heads the WTH videography team and takes care of the complete coverage of WTH Biking events. His high level of aesthetic and technical expertise and passion for mountain biking makes it a lethal blend to get some of the most spectacular biking footage of our rides. Meticulously managing the location-based shoots to production/editing of the videos, Kilan plays a crucial role in photo and video content creation for WTH Biking Challenge.
He is into production of commercials, documentaries, films and motion graphics by profession. He’s a foodie and coffee aficionada and savours on exotic pastries and cakes.

Dhananjay Talekar
dj Dhananjay, fondly known as DJ, has been a member of the WTH Biking Team since its inception and is a key member of WTH Biking community.
He is active behind the scenes, ready to man a station or motivate a rider. His effervescent and contagious full of life spirit makes him a people’s person and makes him easily connect with people of any age group and different walks of life.
A passionate cyclist himself, DJ enjoys outdoors, a variety of sports (football tops the list) and trekking. He can never get enough of traveling and experiencing new places. With his schooling in Military school gives him a unique knowledge and interest in artillery.

Rakesh Rana
IMG_8899_cr While Rakesh has literally been the poster boy for the WTH Biking Challenge on a few occasions, it is his stealth that makes him sensational. Always humble and hardworking, Rakesh is an icon of the WTH Biking Trail Crew.
This 24 years lad has seen quite a bit of life’s hardships. He juggles between three jobs to support his family; from helping his father run a teashop to working as a caretaker at a local guesthouse in his village to taking tourists on cycle rides to trying hands on at assembling, overhauling and maintaining MTB, hybrid cycles in a bike station.
From idling away time after work by consuming alcohol or being destructive due to boredom to devotedly pursuing cycling as a sport and harnessing positive energy in youth, Rakesh has come a long way. Since last two consecutive years, 2014 and 2015, Rakesh raced years in the prestigious Tour of Nilgiris and has spent several seasons racing in the Himalayan region. The exposure to such national level platforms is when cycling went from being a fun past time for him to becoming a big part of his life. In spite of having a basic cycle compared to others who were using carbon bodied, state of the art bikes, he came 9th out of 103 cyclists in 2014 and has bettered himself to 6th position in 2015 which is a proud achievement for him as well as for us.

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