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We pride ourselves at being masters of customization and deliver just the very ride you dream of with hi-tech multi-geared mountain bicycles, professional technical support and immaculate safety record.
We weave a dream ride around the route you take and sprinkle it with a variety of experiences. For instance, if you are riding in Jim Corbett National Park, we will arrange for a traditional village lunch, some sight-seeing, and may be some white water-surfing too.

Our team meticulously plan itineraries and our in-depth knowledge of the region with local linkages make the biking holiday personally enriching.

Behind every ride, there is lot that goes behind the scene.

And our Associates play a crucial role in making our dream ride come to reality.

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There are bike shops and then there are bike shops; Bike Station Haldwani that provide more than a place to buy and service bikes. There’s nothing one love more than visiting bike shop that has some character. Something that teaches about the sport of cycling. Bike Station Haldwani ranks as the second most good-looking bike station all over India. Bike Station Haldwani is our Tech Support Partners since the inception of WTH Biking Challenge. From prepping, assembling, cleaning, fixing and tuning, a lot goes into making that rig run smoothly. Raghuvir Kalakoti who owns this sprawling Bike Station in the heart of Haldwani, Uttarakhand strongly patronises mountain biking in the Kumaon region.


Every cyclist needs a good shop – a place to get a fix, find new rides, or congregate in a space devoted to two-wheeled worship. One such place is Bike Station, Vizag. Homesh Cetty, the owner on this Bike Station is equally passionate about technology, the aesthetic beauty and the evolution of the modern bicycle. Together with Homesh, WTH Biking is heavily involved in bicycle advocacy in the Southern region of India. Bike Station Vizag is a meeting place for events, rides and advocacy activities in and around Vizag. Homesh and his team hosted our local riders of Uttarakhand, Rakesh Rana and Pramod Bisht in Vizag and provided them first-hand, intimate, and extensive training on the technicalities of Mountain bikes and familiarized them with the rugged coastal roads of Vizag.

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Fairlight Trail Resort in Nainital is our official Hospitality partner. Shailendra Shah is a proud owner of this heritage property which has seen over a century. Initially a bungalow built by a British has now been converted into a cozy resort still retaining it vintage look. Situated at an altitude of 7,500 feet, Fair Light Trails is known for the best view of Nainital Lake and the flourishing Nainital hill station.

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