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Nepal Ride to the Forbidden Kingdom
Nepal a heaven for Mountain Cyclist, one of the most difficult terrain to ride in the whole of Asia. Mustang is a region in north-western Nepal with the altitude varying from 9000 feet to around 22000 feet. 

Bhutan Bike Ride in the Land of Thunder Dragon
Bhutan has to be one the best places for mountain biking. You get to see the most spectacular landscape. With mountains, rivers and forests all round its a cyclists dream. Enjoy the video as much we enjoyed the ride!

Manali Leh Ride 2016
15 cyclists coming from different parts of India had one direction, one motto and that was to pedal from Manali to Leh covering a distance of 450 kms. Enduring the unsparing weather god throwing rain, muck, mist and freezing wind, the cyclists defied the altitude about 18000 feet and pedalled for around 55 kms on an average each day. Such daunting trails claims immense perseverance, never say die attitude and stalwart grit. Only a seasoned biker can battle this bone-jarring terrain. It’s such a proud and rewarding affair.

MTB Nainital Challenge 2016
The year’s most anticipated MTB Nainital Biking Challenge en routed 21-23 April’ 16.
We are thrilled with the success of MTB Nainital 2016, our first edition. It’s been a wonderful journey which started back in December 2014. We have managed to conduct mountain biking events successfully across the Himalayan Regions and specially Uttarakhand.

Manali-Leh – The Road less ridden 2016
She is most outrageously beautiful. She is grand. She is flamboyant. She is unforgiving. She is difficult to please. She makes you believe life is beautiful. She is the grandiose Manali – Leh trail. Not everyone has the privilege to witness her allure. Here is the glimpse of this Epic – once in a lifetime mountain biking expedition.

WTH Biking Challenge Edition 2 (10th -13th December 2015)
It only keeps getting better, wilder. It’s a trove of unexpectedly stunning landscapes, sky beating Himalayas covered with glazy white snow, mystical 7th century Jageshwar temple and 230kms of off-road craggy trail. All of this at nearly 7000 feet. Test your steely resolve in WTH Biking Challenge – Edition II.

WTH Nainital Jim Corbett Ride 2015
One of the most beautiful trials to ride on, this 3 day event in the month of April 2015 was a huge success. The cyclists enjoyed each and every day of the day ride. The ride had the right mix of on road and off road biking in the jungle.

The Arduous Munsiyari Ride 2015
WTH Biking Challenge is one of the first biking company that braved the challenge to organize the toughest ride in the Kumoan belt, The Munsiyari Ride.205 km mountain trail with 14 hairpen bends at a heady altitude of 9500 ft above sea level.

WTH Biking Challenge First Edition Showreel
A 3-day biking tour of 142 kms cycling at 6500 feet above sea level in the breath-taking Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Highlights of this tour was 16 kms of off-road ride, amazing single-track with great flow, tons of jumps, and fast terrain.

WTH Biking Challenge First Edition 2014

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